2011 Vans World Cup of Surfing Event Shirt (NAVY)




  • Official contest shirt for the Vans World Cup of Surfing contest.
  • Like many of our other shirts, these are printed in limited runs, and only available in our store and at the official event booth
  • available in medium and large
The World Cup of Surfing is the second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Held at Sunset Beach, the big wave event is steeped in tradition, as the infamously long and shifty wave is held in the highest esteem by big wave surfers around the world. A true test for any waterman, the waves at Sunset are spread across a huge playing field, which challenges the fitness of the surfers to get in the right spot to catch the best and biggest waves. Notorious for being unruly and complex, only a few dedicated surfers have mastered the lineup and the powerful waves that pour down the point.

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